Remuneration Fund

This program began accepting juvenile offender community service workers on August 1, 2014 and was established to allow juveniles the opportunity to earn money to pay towards the victims of their crimes. These crimes include property crimes and crimes against a person. The juveniles are able to earn a maximum of $500.00 per a 12 month period. The juveniles are paid minimum wage for their effort which is directly paid to their victim. The Juvenile Probation Department provides tasks and supervises these juveniles while the tasks are being completed all around Franklin County. Tasks this past year include digging the trench at the 911 center, painting lines at the Human Services Building parking lot and weeding, mulching the Human Services Building. Youth also worked with the local library completing outdoor projects and organization within the building. The funds are generated through costs collected from juvenile offenders. Those funds predominantly come from costs associated with unpaid citations sent to Juvenile Probation from District Judges.