Day Services

Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) requires that individuals are provided with flexibility in the utilization of day services to include Home and Community Habilitation (Unlicensed) utilized for community-based day services, Licensed Day Services, Prevocational Services, Supported Employment, and Transitional Work Services.

This flexibility may include the use of different day service options to meet an individual‘s needs (for example, Supported Employment three days per calendar week combined with Transitional Work Services two days per calendar week), as well as timely revisions to ISPs to accommodate changes in day service needs.

The goal is to provide individuals with unique day service combinations to meet individuals’ needs, and help individuals to achieve employment and volunteering outcomes. The flexibility provides a safety net often expressed by families as needed in the event an individual is not successful in maintaining employment.


Agencies that provide day services:

Occupational Services, Inc.  


Keystone Human Services  

Northwestern Human Services  

Person Directed Supports