December 08, 2016

December 2016 CJAB Annual Meeting Summary

The Franklin County Criminal Justice Advisory Board met on December 8, 2016 at 12PM in the 3rd Floor Jury Assembly Room at the Franklin County Courthouse.

The December Annual Meeting of the Franklin County Criminal Justice Advisory Board (CJAB) was called to order by Chair and President Judge, Carol Van Horn who welcomed the group.

A video about Over the Rainbow Children’s Advocacy Center was shown.

The CJAB office reported that Franklin County is being recommended for each grant funding opportunity for which the Grants Department applied. The grant applications being recommended are for the following programs:

·         Mental Health Co-Responder Program – This diversionary program will work in conjunction with Washington Township, Waynesboro and Greencastle police departments.

·         Franklin/Fulton Adult Probation System Improvement – Funding will cover the cost for the Ohio Risk Assessment System Training for assessment administrators and for training the trainer sessions.

·         Intensive Reentry Case Manager Program – Serving approximately 10 female inmates, this program will offer services including, but not limited to, drug and alcohol treatment, parenting classes, Mental Health and housing support.

Highlights from our CJAB Subcommittee Year End Reports include a review of work accomplished in 2016:

·         Behavioral Health – Expanded crisis intervention team (CIT); Expanded trauma informed care; Increased system-wide trauma informed approach; Expanded prevention efforts around overdose response; Developed jail referral process for forensic transition service; Increasing ease of access to mental health and drug and alcohol services; Implemented a weekly jail and mental health case review meeting to facilitate reentry; Monitoring and facilitating the process of developing a universal release; Increased housing; etc.

·         Criminal Case Flow Management – Statistical sharing; More efficient Central Court operations and scheduling; Discussion on early termination of probation services; Examined the evaluation process; Updated scheduling forms

·         First Contact – Fingerprint compliance rate increased to 97%; UCMS monitoring; Open forum meeting for discussion and problem solving

·         Forensic Initiatives – Completed bail form used by MDJs to determine bail amounts; Followed New Hope Ranch progress throughout the year and discussed any areas of concerns; Completed a jail survey regarding the usefulness of a possible child mentoring program; Followed the progress of Franklin Together as it moved from a grant funded process to a full-fledged program; Completed a jail survey regarding a possible parenting program which would start while a person was incarcerated and continue after release; Began work on Recovery House standards

·         Juvenile Justice – Helped to adjust Masters Complex court hearings to allow for more room to separate victims and offenders; Identified a gap in services and partnered with HCP, who was awarded grant funding for Strengthening Families; Increased membership to include representatives from CASD; Increasing awareness and interest in Youth Court

·         Technology – Monitored the roll out of UCMS; Monitoring the electronic filing pilot of Philadelphia County; Discusses technology needs of other committees

·         Victims Impact – Reviewed the Victim Impact notification form and had a final draft completed in March; Receives updates from MADD Victim Impact Panels, the CAC, and lethality assessment reports from WIN

·         Executive – Oversees all other committees; Reviews action items from other committees; Approves project modification requests (PMRs) and grant applications

Find the minutes for the December 2016 meeting here.

The next meeting of the Franklin County Criminal Justice Advisory Board will be held on February 23, 2017 at 12 PM in the 3rd Floor Jury Assembly Room at the Franklin County Courthouse and is open to the public.

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