February 2019 CJAB Meeting Summary

The Franklin County Criminal Justice Advisory Board (CJAB) met on Thursday, February 28th, 2019 at noon in the Jury Assembly Room at the Franklin County Courthouse.

Judge Van Horn called the meeting to order at 12:02PM, welcomed the group and welcomed Judge Shawn Meyers.

John McPaul, Outreach and Events Coordinator for the Franklin County Office of Veteran Affairs gave a presentation on Operation REACH.

Glenda Helman presented the self-assessment and strategic planning timeline. This timeline outlines specific dates, months, and meetings when various activities related to the Strategic Plan 2020-2023 will take place.

Glenda Helman provided the Criminal Justice Advisory Board office report. The NCA Member Child Advocacy Center Grant and the 2018 Endowment Act Grant have been awarded. The Endowment Act 2016 project modification request has been approved to move funding to under expended categories to categories needing additional funding thus fully expending the grant by December 31, 2018. The Endowment Act Programs Assisting Victims project modification request to add program income expenditures to the total budget has been approved. The Intermediate Punishment project modification request to add cash in-kind through MA and allow the purchase of items in the supply category has been approved. The Residential Substance Abuse Treatment (RSAT) grant application is in progress. The Comprehensive Opioid Abuse Program (COAP) funding announcement has been released by the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD). A letter of intent was received from the DA’s office to apply for funding which would provide salary and benefits for a Recovery Liaison for the two year period and additional funds to cover the cost of 2 trainings and Recovery supplies. The County Jail-Based Vivitrol Program Funding Announcement was released by PCCD on February 26th 2019. The Jail wishes to apply. April is Re-entry Month and various events and activities will occur throughout the month including a Re-entry Summit on April 3rd.

Todd Ferretti, the Central PA Region CJAB Specialist, presented the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD) Liaison report: The Criminal Justice Advisory Board conference will be held April 9th and 10th in State College. The statewide Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) meeting will be held on March 26th at State College.

James Sourbier, Waynesboro Police Chief, presented the Public Safety report. The Mental Health Co-responders continue to function well, far exceeding expectations, particularly due to the commitment and dynamics of the individuals in the positions. There will be Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) training soon at the Public Safety Training Center; this is a week-long training and is free of charge. There are numerous vacancies for firefighter and law enforcement positions which have been difficult to fill. The Public Safety Training Center and Career and Technology Center have collaborated to revive an old program to offer public safety training, taught by volunteer, state-certified instructors during the spring semester to generate interest in these positions. Nine students are expected to graduate in the spring, each will be fully certified with EMT and firefighter training, eligible for immediate hire. Currently, the class is taught by instructors who donate their time and the class is offered at a third of the cost of comparable classes. Next spring it is expected the class will double in size. Chief Sourbier hopes this will begin to fill the void and generate more interest in these career paths among youth. Public Safety Day Community Event is scheduled for May 11th from 10-2.

Find minutes from the February 2019 meeting here.

The next meeting of the Franklin County Criminal Justice Advisory Board will be held on Thursday April 25, 2019 at noon in the Jury Assembly Room at the Franklin County Courthouse.


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