November 30, 2018

November 2018 Employee of the Month

The Franklin County Commissioners on behalf of the Special Thanks And Recognition (STAR) Committee proudly present the Employee of the Month award to Mr. Brian Smith. Brian Smith works in the Franklin County Adult Probation Office (APO) as a full time Adult Probation Officer II. He has been employed with APO since May of 2017. The selection for the November 2018 Employee of the Month was determined by the STAR Committee from a total of 17 people nominated.

The STAR nomination form asks what recent event or occurrence made you select Mr. Brian Smith and all of the nominations submitted referred to a life-saving event of an offender. “Brian exhibited courage and composure under stress and a dedication to helping others.” “His bravery, integrity and perseverance have obviously shone through. Mr. Smith is committed to the vision and mission of the Adult Probation department, and the 39th Judicial District Court.”

An offender who had admitted to using controlled substances, but stated he was unable to provide a urine sample at the time, unexpectedly left the APO office. Together Adult Probation Officers Brian Smith and Brooke Alleman tracked down the offender after corroborating that he was inside the residence with bystanders. On the second attempt to enter the home, the offender’s mother answered the door. She told Officers Alleman and Smith that the offender was locked in his room and she believed he was likely using drugs at that time. When the Officers got to the room, the offender was standing in the doorway and was taken into custody. Moments later, the offender’s lips became blue, his eyes rolled back into his head and he became unresponsive. Officer Brian Smith quickly recognized the situation and administered Narcan. An ambulance was called and advised of the situation. The first dose of Narcan had no effect on the offender and Officer Smith administered a second dose of Narcan. Meanwhile Officer Alleman performed a sternum rub. Moments later, the offender began to breathe again. EMS arrived on the scene and transported the offender to the hospital. At the hospital, the offender admitted to the officers that he snorted all of the heroin he had in his possession. Based on this situation, had Officer Smith not administered both doses of Narcan, the offender most likely would have died.

We are grateful to Mr. Brian Smith as he exudes a high standard of customer service, excellence and respect to the employees and residents of Franklin County.

Brian Smith Nov 2018 Employee of the Month

Pictured: Commissioner Bob Ziobrowski, Commissioner Chairman Dave Keller, Adult Probation Officer Brian Smith, Commissioner Bob Thomas

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