November 13, 2020

Marlies Ries is the Employee of the Month for July 2020

The Franklin County Commissioners proudly present July’s Employee of the Month award to Ms. Marlies Ries.

Ms. Ries has been employed with Franklin County since August of 2016.  She currently serves as an AIS/Accounting Manager in the Fiscal department. The selection for the July 2020 Employee of the Month was determined by the STAR Committee. There were a total of eleven nominations which included the following reasons for recommendation:

“When you have outstanding employees, it's never just one single event that makes them worthy of recognition. Rather, it's their constant dedication, hard work, drive to serve and improve. That is the case with Marlies. It’s not one single, stand-out event that makes her deserving of this nomination; it's who she is daily. She is unwavering in her presence; well respected and valued daily.”

“While Fiscal has a ‘behind the scenes’ role in County operations, Mariles’ role is one requiring excellent working relationships and collaboration among many different individuals, departments and organizations and in many complex situations. She always rises to the challenge; constantly working with others, providing guidance, support and assistance in whatever manner is needed. Marlies is always willing to tackle whatever she encounters; stepping in to do something new; working to improve processes along the way and respected for it.”

“Her calming personality makes her a great leader, excellent team member and role model. She constantly strives for excellence. It is a daily honor to have her on the Fiscal and Franklin County Team.”

Another nomination form enforces Marlies’ dedication to her job. “No one single event can summarize the value that Marlies provides to the Planning Department. She has consistently been a resource for our programs for all things financial. She is prompt and timely in her responses to our inquiries and is very thorough. She provides information in a clear and concise way that makes the financial aspect of our programs easy to understand.

And the programs that she helps to administer are not easy and straight-forward. Many are laden with State and Federal codes and statutes that make their implementation a challenge on its own and the financial tracking is made even more so difficult. For all of our programs, Marlies continues to demonstrate an advanced knowledge on all aspects of the financial side.  While she assists with our programs across the board, Marlies has gone above and beyond to support our Community Development Block Grant program. The program is full of federal, state and interpretative nuances and spans at least two decades. Marlies has been a rock to rely on when asking about past invoices, expenditures, vouchers and much more. If not for her, our office would not have the clear direction we do and would not have the valuable advice she provides as we move forward.”

A newly-hired co-worker mentions Marlies as “patient when she is helping myself (and others) while learning new processes. She explains things thoroughly and is always open to any questions. Another asset she possesses is as a calming presence, which makes it easy to come to her for anything.”

Ms. Ries is “constantly striving to make improvements to County operations, creating efficiency that allows both herself and those around her to be more effective in serving County residents. She is always willing to learn and grow, continually striving for knowledge and development.”

“Marlies works as a liaison between various operations and outside agencies. Even with burdensome tasks that requires significant patience, she addresses each situation with patience while respectfully addressing each issue and learning along the way. Those she has been in contact with have an exceptional representation of Franklin County.”

Ms. Ries’ outstanding characteristics are attributes that have not gone unnoticed by her peers. The nomination form describes her as a mentor who is knowledgeable, dedicated and helpful.

We are grateful to Ms. Marlies Ries as she exudes a high standard of customer service, excellence, and respect to the employees and residents of Franklin County.

Pictured (left to right): Commissioner John Flannery, Commissioner Chairman Dave Keller, AIS/Accounting Manager Marlies Ries, and Commissioner Bob Ziobrowski

Pictured (left to right): Commissioner John Flannery, Commissioner Chairman Dave Keller, AIS/Accounting Manager Marlies Ries, and Commissioner Bob Ziobrowski


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