February 26, 2021

February’s Employee of the Month is Nicole Shindle

The Franklin County Commissioners proudly present the Employee of the Month award to Ms. Nicole Shindle. Ms. Shindle has been employed with Franklin County since July of 2006.  She currently serves as the Human Resources Payroll/HRIS Administrator. The selection for the February 2021 Employee of the Month was determined by the Special Thanks and Recognition (STAR) Committee out of a total of six nominations (three of which were for Nicole!).

The STAR nomination form asks what recent event or occurrence prompted you to select Nicole and the answers stated:

“Nicole has put a lot of extra time into her position lately due to not having a payroll specialist since November. She has put in many hours to make sure our employees get paid and paid correctly. The busiest time is the very end and beginning of the year . . . from what I've seen, all of it has gone smoothly. She has done a lot all by herself.”

Another nomination form states, “Nicole is such a pleasure to work with and she sets a great example for her co-workers and the employees that she interacts with on a daily basis. You can always count on Nicole to provide clear direction, no matter what questions you may have. Nicole is always quick to respond to emails and phone calls no matter how many projects or deadlines she may have in front of her. She was able to work through the year-end tasks while keeping payroll on schedule, even though the department was short staffed during that time. She works through her day without showing any signs of being overwhelmed or stressed. Nicole is a wonderful asset for the County and also the Human Resources Department.”

Another coworker wrote: “Nicole has been a one-person team for the past few months and she still managed to accurately update all of the following for every County employee: salary adjustments; new rates of benefit elections employees selected for 2021; converted Sick Leave Reserve requests; and the amounts of PTO for every employee. These background processes take place without many even giving it a thought . . . because Nicole has made certain the entire process is seamless and flawless.

In addition to her regular tasks, Nicole has been working with a vendor on a large-scale project and doing test piloting of those programs to ensure their accuracy prior to it being rolled out County-wide. Nicole is not afraid to let the vendor know when an issue arises. She points out what needs to be corrected and provides feedback . . . she has the ability to see the big picture of the project taking place.

Meanwhile, Nicole is also in the midst of articulating a plan of action for storage and disposal of records prior to our move to the new Administration Building. She has kept a level head and her nose to the grindstone. There is no doubt she will accomplish every task in a timely fashion with 100% accuracy.”

Ms. Shindle’s outstanding characteristics are attributes that have not gone unnoticed by her peers. The nomination forms describe her as being prudent with her time, responsive, detail-oriented, and efficient. Nicole also exhibits self-control and is dedicated and trustworthy.

We are grateful to Ms. Nicole Shindle as she exudes a high standard of customer service, excellence, and respect to the employees and residents of Franklin County.

Shown above (left to right): Commissioner John Flannery, Commissioner Chairman Dave Keller, HR Payroll/HRIS Administrator Nicole Shindle, and Commissioner Bob Ziobrowski.

Shown above (left to right): Commissioner John Flannery, Commissioner Chairman Dave Keller, HR Payroll/HRIS Administrator Nicole Shindle, and Commissioner Bob Ziobrowski.



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