May 17, 2021

Supporting Foster Youth and Families through the Pandemic

Are you a young adult who was formerly in foster care? Or maybe you are an older youth (over age 14) in foster care now? If so, get ready for some GOOD news!

Congress recently set aside emergency relief funds for you to help you during this pandemic!

  • There are cash resources available for young people over age 14 and up until 27th birthday, who are or were in foster care. The new law set aside $400 million in additional Chafee funds (spread across each state, and there is increased flexibility on how the money can be used);
  • During this pandemic, the state cannot terminate services to youth because of age (e.g. at age 21 or whatever age applies in your state for youth aging out); and
  • The state must allow youth to re-enter foster care (up until age 22) if they aged out of foster care between 01/27/2020-9/30/2021.


Also, if you need immediate help, please contact us at 717-263-1900.

We know this past year has been tough, but hang in there. We will get through it together!


Franklin County Children and Youth Service

P.S. Check out this informational link Older Youth Pandemic Relief for more information and to learn about additional resources that may be available to you RIGHT NOW.

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