Individual/Family Satisfaction Team

The Individual/Family Satisfaction Team (I/FST) examines participant satisfaction with behavioral health services through the use of one-on-one survey interviews as well as focus groups. Executive Summary reports are prepared at the conclusion of each survey. These reports are distributed to all interested individuals. The reports are reviewed at the site of the survey and staff from the agency, as well as other interested individuals, are invited to attend. A vital focus is to ensure that the service system is consistent with the principles of recovery in adults, resilience in children, and aligns with the core principles of the Community Support Program, the Child and Adolescent Service System Program, and Drug and Alcohol treatment. Surveyors receive extensive training both in the beginning and throughout their work. While many agencies have their own internal satisfaction survey process, using I/FST provides the opportunity to receive a free, unbiased perspective. 


Mental Health Association of Franklin County