Human Services Block Grant

Franklin and Fulton Counties are two of thirty counties in Pennsylvania approved to function as block grant counties. The essence of the block grant is to allow each county to decide how to allocate funding derived from 7 fund types originating from the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services (DHS). The county has the ability to allocate the funds according to local needs through a local Steering Committee.

The County must provide basic services as originally intended by these fund types and must submit a plan as to how to provide these services which is reviewed for approval by the State Department of Human Services (DHS). The original areas are Mental Health, Intellectual Disabilities, Drug and Alcohol Treatment (originally 2 fund types), Homeless Assistance, Children and Youth, and the flexible Human Service Development Fund.

Legislation allowing this to selected counties was on a trial basis and originated in a year that saw a 10% cut to these fund types.

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Block Grant Draft Plan

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