The Franklin County Juvenile Probation Department completes expungements on a monthly basis.  When a juvenile’s case is expunged, there is no record of any kind associated with the juvenile.  This includes but is not limited to name, photos, fingerprints, and other identifying factors.  The criterion for a case to be expunged depends on the type of supervision the juvenile was under.  In all cases, expungement is only completed if the juvenile has only one disposition and has no further charges against them (including citations and charges after turning the age of 18).  Cases are expunged after six (6) months for juveniles that were under supervision for an Informal Adjustment or their case was Warn, Counseled, and Dismissed.  In cases where the juvenile was under the supervision of a Consent Decree, their case is eligible  for expungement  after a six (6) month waiting period, and they have reached the age of eighteen (18).  For cases where there was an adjudication of Delinquency the juvenile has a five (5) year waiting period  for most misdemeanor adjudications (and must be at least 18 years of age), and a ten (10) year waiting period for all cases that had a felony adjudication (and the juvenile must be 28 years of age).  In special circumstances there are cases with misdemeanor charges have a ten (10) year waiting period.