Prothonotary's Fee Schedule

Effective January 4, 2016

Family Relations

Divorce Complaint  $156.00
Additional Counts in Divorce  $50.50 (Each)
Motion for Appointment of Master  $350.00
Custody  $104.00
Conciliation Fee  $250.00
Protection from Abuse Petition  $96.00
Indirect Criminal Contempt  $20.00

Civil Division

Civil and Equity Complaint  $106.00
Writ of Summons  $106.00
District Justice Appeal  $105.75
Superior or Commonwealth Court Appeal  $130.50
(Check for $45.00 to Franklin County)  
(Check for $85.50 to Higher Court)  
Writ of Execution  $21.00
Arbitration Praecipe  $21.00
Arbitration Award Appeal Amount of Arbitrators' Fees  
Arbitration Limit  $50,000.00|
Default Judgment  $14.00
Judgment of Non Pros  $14.00
Certificate of Settlement  $5.00
Lis Pendens  $14.00
Judgment/Lis Pendens Satisfaction  $8.00
Appeal from Board of View  $105.50
Resumption of Maiden/Prior Name  $8.00
Surety Bond  $8.00
Annual Audit Report for School Districts  $8.00
Petitions for Name Change, Assessment, Etc.  $105.50
Statement of Objections  $75.00
Judgment  $27.50
Lien  $27.50
District Justice Judgment  $27.25
Mechanics Lien Claim  $27.50
Writ of Revival  $21.00
Writ of Revival (Amicable)  $14.00
Judgment Satisfaction (if Judgment was entered prior to 1983)  $5.00
Subordination of Lien  $8.00
Release of Lien  $8.00|
Writ of Scire Facias  $21.00
Writ of Possession  $21.00

Other Fees

Photocopies  $0.50
Praecipe to Reinstate/Reissue  $8.00
Mechanics Lien Waive  $21.00
Power of Attorney  $8.00
Revocation of Attorney  $8.00
Exempliefied Record  $21.00
Certification  First Page $ 5.00
Subpoenas  $3.00 (Each)
Notary Signature Registration  $3.00
Acknowledgment  $3.00
Divorce Decree (Certified)  $10.00
Petition for Ballot Box  $105.50


Upon filing of any order, motion, petition, or rule for disposition by the court, the filing attorney shall provide the Prothonotary with copies of the document and a self-addressed, stamped envelope.  The Prothonotary shall conform the copies and send them back to the filing attorney.
The Prothonotary is not required to docket any suit, action, or order of court or perform any services until the requisite fees have been paid.  The fees set in this schedule bear a reasonable relationship to the cost of operating the Prothonotary's office in Franklin County and shall remain in effect until changed by the promulgation of a new fee schedule.  
Our Office is unable to refund any fees upon payment or receipt.  If you have questions concerning the fee of a filing, please contact the office for assistance.  
*** A filing fee of $ 5.00 has been added in the charge for any new action filed within the office for the year 2000.  This fee has been authorized by law (House bill number 1715) for the automation of the Prothonotary's office
**Fee schedule amended per order dated January 7, 2002 Franklin County number 2002-41, in compliance with Act 164 of 1998, Amending Act 203 of 1982.  Effective February 1, 2002.
** As of December 8, 2009 Act 49 of 2009, House Bill number 1607 - Changes in Judicial Computer System (JCS) fee has been signed by Governor Rendall has been changed to $ 23.50.  All civil actions will be charged an additional fee of $ 13.50 to be added under the JCP fee already collected for the state. 
** As of January 1, 2011 Act 119 of 1996 Custody increase $7.00 to $7.50 for AOPC Fee reflects in Custody filings.
** As of July 10, 2014 Act 126 increased fee $10.00 (JCS) to $33.50.
** As of August 8, 2014 Act 113 increased fee $2.00 (JCS) to $35.50.
** As of January 1, 2015 Act 119 of 1996 Custody increase $8.00 for AOPC Fee reflects in Custody filings.