Franklin County Photo Contest


The Franklin County Commissioners are pleased to announce the winners of the county’s first photo contest!

Winners by Category:

  • Aerial/Drone Photography: Steve Delaney, Chambersburg
  • Agriculture: Corianna Meyers, Greencastle
  • Arts, Culture, Historic Sites and Local Attractions: Anne Duvall, Greencastle
  • Business, Industry and Commerce: Anne Duvall, Greencastle
  • Festivals and Events: Ed Crawford, Hagerstown
  • Food: Anne Duvall, Greencastle
  • Franklin County Towns and Communities: Jonathan Byers, Mont Alto
  • Nature: Anne Duvall, Greencastle
  • Recreation: Ed Crawford, Hagerstown
  • Religious and Educational Institutions: Stephanie Allee, Fayetteville
  • Scenic/Landscapes: Richard Anderson, Mercersburg
  • Transportation and Infrastructure: Anne Duvall, Greencastle


Overall Winners:

  • First place: Richard Anderson, Scenic/Landscapes
  • Second place: Anne Duvall, Nature
  • Third place: Anne Duvall, Arts, Culture, Historic Sites and Local Attractions


Each entry was judged through an anonymous selection process and was evaluated according to the overall quality of the photograph, specifically subject matter, composition of the image, exposure, color and focus. Each winner received a $25 gift card donated by a local business. Those individuals who placed as overall winners received additional prizes.


Gift Card Donors:

Prize Donors


Employee Contest Winners:

  • First place: Stephen Grace, Franklin County Veterans Affairs
  • Second place: Jennifer Courtney, Franklin/Fulton Drug and Alcohol
  • Third place: Milagros Rodriguez, Franklin County Children and Youth Services


Submitted entries in both contests will be used to highlight Franklin County across a variety of mediums, including the county’s website, marketing materials and the upcoming Comprehensive Plan update, Imagine Franklin 2035. For more information, read the full press release.


Thank you to everyone who submitted entries for the Franklin County Photo Contest!