Imagine Franklin 2035

Franklin County adopted an updated comprehensive plan, titled Imagine Franklin 2035, on September 27, 2023. The plan highlights current and anticipated community needs over the next 10+ years, particuarly within the topics of land use, housing, workforce and education, community facilities, urban centers, human services, and transportation. We invite you to explore Imagine Franklin 2035 and partner with us as we look to implement the actions outlined in the plan.


What is a comprehensive plan?

A comprehensive plan is the outlining of a 10-year strategic vision. Through research, evaluation, and, most importantly, community input, it sets goals and objectives for county growth and acts as a blueprint for county governments, as well as their public and private partners, to address opportunities and to build upon existing community assets. The comprehensive planning process creates a unique opportunity for public involvement and collaboration to promote growth that is consistent with the diverse needs and desires of the community. 

What is included in a comprehensive plan?

A comprehensive plan addresses a range of land use, growth management, and preservation topics. As part of these topics, the plan outlines goals for meeting housing needs, expanding access to community facilities and utilities, such as schools, libraries, sewer and water systems, etc., and protecting the many natural and historic assets of the county among other important factors.

Imagine Franklin 2035 Documents

Imagine Franklin 2035

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