Where Do I Begin?

While all children grow and change at their own rate, some children can experience delays in their development.  If you have a concern about your child please contact  the local Early Intervention program for more information. The number for Franklin and Fulton Counties is 717-709-4321.

When the intake or referral is received a Service Coordinator is assigned. The expectation is that the Service Coordinator will return your call within three working days.

• The initial call to families is usually an opportunity to set up an initial visit with the family, to complete some basic demographics and to get clear directions to the home.
• Service Coordinators work closely with the Early Intervention Supervisor to plan the initial visit with the family.
• Cases are assigned on a rotating basis.

If the child will be 3 yrs old within 60 days of the initial call, families will be encouraged to make a direct referral to the Intermediate Unit at the following numbers:  

Tuscarora Intermediate Unit # 12 (Fulton county), 814-542-2501
Lincoln Intermediate Unit #11 (Franklin county), 717-624-6491
Capital Area Intermediate Unit #15 (Shippensburg area), 717-732-8400

Franklin/ Fulton Counties do not discriminate against families who have different ethnic, cultural, race, or religious backgrounds.  If a family requires assistance or special accommodations the Service Coordinator, (with the help of the Early Intervention Supervisor), will make provisions as necessary to insure timely and consistent access to services.  

If at any time a need is not being met or a family has any concern about their services that family is given assistance in filing a Complaint/Due Process Procedure  as described in Announcements  ELS-EI-07 #01 Complaint Resolution or ELS-EI-07 #03 Mediation Procedures for Early Intervention, Pt C ITF Waiver Operating Agreement(January 30, 2007).