The Youth Aid Panel

The Youth Aid Panel is a diversionary program designed for first time juvenile offenders. The program aims to increase community awareness of juvenile crime, while also involving the community in being responsible for their youth. 
The Youth Aid Panel is not a court of law and does not determine guilt or innocence. The youth and his/her parents must agree to guilt in order to be a part of the proceedings. Due process protection is a high priority. At any time, a juvenile and his/her parents may choose to go to District or Juvenile Court instead of the Youth Aid Panel. 
The juvenile and their parents come before a panel of trained volunteers from the community. The panel, the juvenile, and his or her parents work together to build a contract that repairs the damage done to the victim and meets the treatment needs of the juvenile.  Each contract is tailored to the offense and the juvenile.

Please click HERE to downlaod the Youth Aid Panel ApplicationPacket.