James Brown


James Brown


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Andrew Carter

Deputy Sheriff Sergeant

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Daniel Diehl

Chief Deputy Sheriff

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Ronald Geyer

Deputy Sheriff Sergeant

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Richard Mccarty

Department Clerk II

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Lori Powell

Real Estate Sales Administrator

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Benjamin Sites

Deputy Sheriff Sergeant

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Robert Welker

Department Clerk I

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Fee Schedule

Program Description

The Sheriff is responsible for enforcement of laws throughout the County. 

Calls for traffic or criminal investigations should be made to State or Local Police Departments as the Sheriff's Office does not provide patrol coverage at this time.

Regulation and Oversight

Sheriff is elected every four years by the Voters and is directly responsible to the electorate.

Additional Information

Sheriff and Deputy Sheriffs are fully trained law enforcement personnel who assist, when requested, local or State police officers. The Sheriff also provides personnel to the Drug Task Force when requested for certain operations.


Service of Legal Documents  
Writs of Execution, Eviction, PFA Orders, etc.
Bench Warrants from Criminal Court
Bench Warrants from Domestic Relations
Court Security, including operation of  Metal Detector
Transport of Prisoners to & from Court (from Local & State Correctional Facilities)
Sale of Property at regularly scheduled Sheriff Sales 

Issuance of Licenses

License to Sell Firearms
License to Carry Firearms
License to Sell Precious Metals

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Courthouse Annex
157 Lincoln Way East
Chambersburg, PA 17201
(717) 261-3877
Fax (717) 261-3882
Office Hours: M - F, 8:30am - 4:30pm
Closed on weekends and all county observed holidays.

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Visit the Sheriff's Office Facebook page to see current offenders with an active warrant.