The Franklin County Board of Commissioners welcomes the opportunity to increase public awareness of noteworthy causes, events, milestones, or achievements. Proclamations are issued for a day(s), week(s), or a month.


Requests may be submitted by any Franklin County resident or group in writing at least three weeks (but no more than six months) prior to the date needed. 


An organization will not have exclusive rights to the day(s), week(s), or month of their proclamation. Proclamations issued in previous years will not be automatically re-issued--a new request must be submitted and approved each year. National acknowledgements, events, or occasions may be observed if there is a local organization or governmental entity that is acting as a local partner or representative.


Franklin County reserves the right to modify or deny any request, to edit proclamation content, and to make exceptions to these guidelines. Preference will be given to in-county requestors. Proclamations are public service documents and are neither legally binding nor do they constitute an endorsement by the County or the Board.

Proclamations may be issued for:

- National or local day/week/month recognitions

- Significant contributions and service to the community

- Commemorating significant milestones of Franklin County history


Proclamations will not be issued for:

- Matters of political controversy, ideological/religious beliefs, or individual convictions

- Anything that may suggest an official county position on a matter under consideration

- Events or organizations with no direct relationship to Franklin County

- Campaigns or events contrary to Franklin County policy or to the wellbeing of its citizens
- Support or endorsement of individual people, products, or services


To request a proclamation, please email with the subject line: Proclamation Request. Be sure to provide your contact information and a draft of the proclamation.