Technology and Social Media Awareness Class

The Juvenile Probation Technology and Social Awareness Class targets youth that have been charged with offenses related to Sexting and/or Cyberbullying. The class is set up into two, 2 hours sessions. This class is designed to be very interactive with both classroom discussions and workbook exercises. The first session discusses the positives and negatives regarding texting and sexting, peer pressure, negative and positive relationships and self-esteem and how all of those things can lead to a person participating in sexting or other negative behaviors. There is time during the very beginning of class that allows the students to write down what questions they have regarding sexting. Many times those questions also lead into the discussions regarding the consequences of sexting. The second session includes discussing positive and negative types of communication, the dangers of cyber bullying, and sexting in social media, not just on a cell phone, as well as harassment and ways to stand up to those who may be bullying those into sexting. This session includes the discussion of different young people who have committed suicide after being victims of cyber bullying and sexting in the social media.