Franklin County Juvenile Probation, under the guidance of the Franklin County Juvenile Court, provides probation services to Franklin County youth who fall within the jurisdiction of the Juvenile Court.The Juvenile Probation Department has specific responsibilities to the Court, the community, the victims of juvenile crime, and to the juvenile offenders and their families.
Once a youth is under the jurisdiction of the Court, either by an admission or a finding of fact by the Court, the youth and their family attend an Intake Interview with the Probation Department. During the interview the Juvenile Probation Officer uses Evidence Based Practices to identify the risk, needs, and responsivity factors of the youth.  The goal is to identify and address the youth’s areas of need. A Risk/Needs Assessment is completed on each youth to determine the risk to reoffend and the services needed to alleviate those risks. Supervision levels are based on the YLS/CMI Low Risk, Moderate Risk, and High Risk. Probation Officers carry specific caseloads focusing on risk levels.
The Juvenile Probation Officer, in conjunction with the youth and family, is responsible to develop a supervision plan based on the areas of need. This plan should focus on reducing risk factors, address skill deficits through cognitive behavior changes, emphasize strengths, identify their triggers, and be individualized for each youth. The supervision plan also holds them accountable for their actions. In determining a supervision plan, equal attention/consideration is given to community protection, accountability to the victim, and the development of competency of the offender.
The Probation Officer recommends to the Court the amount of fines, cost, and restitution to be paid, and community service to be completed. Probation Officers supervise juveniles placed on Probation Supervision and carry out the directives of the Court to promote the rehabilitation of the offender, hold the offender accountable for his/her actions, and provide for the protection of the community. The Probation Officer maintains contact with the juvenile, the juvenile's parents, school officials, and others involved in the case to ensure compliance with the probation stipulations/rules.