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MISSION & CORE VALUE STATEMENT: To protect the public.

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The Franklin County Jail is taking actions to minimize the risk of bringing coronavirus disease (COVID-19) into its facility.




Social Visitation

General Procedures:

●       Inmates on the quarantine units will not be permitted visits. Once an inmate clears quarantine, they will be available for visits.

●       Inmates will only be permitted one (1) visit per week for a half hour (30 minutes) in length.

●       Visits will be Monday through Friday from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm (1800-2100) with the last visit scheduled at 8:30 pm (2030).

●       Visits can be scheduled by calling the Lobby, Monday through Friday, between 2:30 pm and 9:00 pm (1430-2100).

●       There will be two (2) visits per housing unit every half hour (30 minutes).

●       Each visit will be limited to two (2) visitors. 

●       Only the two (2) visitor phones on the end will be used. The three (3) remaining phones will not be used for visits.

●       Inmates and visitors will be responsible for sanitizing the visitor stations before and after their visit. 

●       Inmates and visitors are required to wear a mask during the visits.


Visitor Procedures:

●       Upon arrival, visitors will remain outside the Lobby until requested by the Lobby Officer to enter. When the Lobby Officer allows the visitor to enter, they will sign in and provide the Lobby Officer with their ID. 

●       Visiting minors will be asked to provide a birth certificate (or copy) as their form of ID.

●       Visitors will be asked to provide a phone number that can be used to contact them when the visitation room is available.

●       If the visiting room is unavailable at that time, they will leave the Lobby and be told to remain onsite in their car or outside.

●       When the room is available, the Lobby Officer will call the visitor and inform them to enter the Lobby for their scheduled visit.

●       Normal clearance procedures for visitors will be followed including temperature checks and answering the screening questions. 

●       Masks will be worn correctly at all times inside Franklin County Jail.


Scheduling a Visit:  

●       A calendar/log will be created for scheduling of inmate visits.

●       Visitors can schedule visits in advance by calling the Lobby Officer Monday through Friday between 2:30 pm (1430) and 9:00 pm (2100).    

●       When a visit is scheduled, the Lobby Officer will document the names and phone number of the visitors.

●       Lobby Officers will document all information in the visitation calendar/log provided.

●       All visits must be scheduled. No walk-in visits will be permitted.

Successful social visiting at the Franklin County Jail during the pandemic relies upon the diligence of inmates and visitors. We thank you for continuing to maintain proper hygiene, face masking and social distancing measures.    

To contact the Franklin County Jail, please call (717) 264-9513.



5/18/2021 Franklin County Jail: Social Visiting for Inmates

7/17/2020 Franklin County Jail: Social Visitation Procedures

3/16/2020 Franklin County Jail Takes Steps To Prevent COVID-19



To support the counties mission statement and to protect the public by providing the care, custody and control of confined individuals who are accused of or convicted of a crime.


  • Accurately identify all individuals that enter the jail

  • Assess individuals utilizing the risk/need principle

  • Encourage a true partnership between staff

  • Be firm, fair, and consistent with all offenders

  • Provide the highest level of service to the citizens of Franklin County and be good stewards of public resources

  • Encourage all employees to be actively engaged in improving operations

  • Provide a safe and secure environment in accordance with recognized standards and regulations

  • Consistently reinforce appropriate behavior and discipline inappropriate behavior

  • Provide research-based programming designed to reduce criminal behavior

  • Aid individuals in getting re-engaged in the community through our volunteer program

  • Provide meaningful work opportunities designed to increase the employability of inmates

  • Additionally, we are committed to continue to employ dedicated, professional staff members, provide relevant training to those individuals, and consistently provide an environment where staff will develop to their fullest potential

  • Every day, on every shift, in every position, we will, both individually and as an organization, strive for excellence


Integrity: We uphold the highest moral principles by being honest and having strong; moral uprightness.  We will act with integrity in all our dealings with all of our constituents.

Teamwork: We will work together for the common goal of making the Franklin County Jail the model for others to follow. We recognize that staff are our greatest resource and we will treat all staff with the utmost respect.

Justice: We will work hard in supporting the justice system and treat all offenders in a fair, moral, right, and merited manner.

Service: We will provide the best service to those we serve.  We will be fiscally sound and be good stewards of the funds given to us. We shall responsively deliver on our commitments to all of our internal and external customers.

Vision: We will continue to improve jail operations and procedures. We are committed to activities that continuously improve all operations and the services we provide and by embracing a philosophy of improvement we will provide; effective services and operations.  


Recognize that staff are our most important resource.
Maintain the highest professional standards and accountability and practice sound correctional principals.


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