Department Overview

Franklin County Juvenile Probation, under the direction and guidance of the 39th Judicial District of Pennsylvania provides probation services to Franklin County youth who fall within the jurisdiction of the Juvenile Court under Chapter 63 of the Pennsylvania Criminal Code. The Franklin County Juvenile Probation Department is located at 425 Franklin Farm Lane, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania in the Franklin County Human Services Building.


The Juvenile Probation Department provides general probation supervision, school-based probation supervision, aftercare supervision and victim services. Probation Officers also facilitate numerous diversion and intervention groups to address youth needs.


Juveniles are referred to the Franklin County Juvenile Probation Department by law enforcement agencies and other juvenile courts. Private citizens, in certain circumstances, may refer a juvenile by scheduling an appointment at the District Attorney’s Office and discussing any allegations of delinquency. Those cases are submitted and approved through the District Attorney’s Office.


The Franklin County Juvenile Probation Officers are appointed by the President Judge of Franklin County Court. The officers are committed to providing community protection, youth accountability and victim restoration through the use of evidence based practices, data driven decisions, and continuous quality improvement. The Juvenile Probation Department consists of the Chief, the Deputy Chief, two supervisors, sixteen Probation Officers, a Balanced and Restorative Justice Coordinator, and two support staff. All Juvenile Officers are required to have a Bachelor’s Degree. Several officers have a Master’s Degree through the JCJC Graduate Program. The Juvenile Probation Department is deeply committed to the continued improvement and development of the Juvenile Justice System in Franklin County. Many in house programs are available to youth and their families in order to effectuate long term behavioral change and reduce recidivism.

Franklin County Juvenile Justice Flow Chart