Throughout a child’s life, there are expectations to be met. Each child develops at a different rate and in their own unique way. A child may not develop at the same pace as another child but that does not mean there are any problems. There are milestones, which are reasonable expectations, to monitor the progress of your child’s growth:

By 6 Months
Plays with toes
Grasps a rattle
Looks for noise that occurs nearby
Helps hold bottle while feeding
Rolls from stomach to back

By 12 Months
Sits up without support
Eats some solid food
Crawls on all fours
Feeds self cookies or crackers
Waves goodbye
Pulls to stand
Imitates words

By 18 Months
Builds a tower of three blocks
Climbs and takes things apart
Speaks 10 words
Drinks from a cup
Walks without help 

By 24 Months
Walks well
Feed self with a spoon
Recognizes self in a mirror
Points to objects in a book
Speaks two word sentences
Kicks a ball



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