Adult Probation

MISSION STATEMENT This agency is established to efficiently and effectively supervise offenders in the community, while ensuring the highest degree of public safety, with the goal of reintegrating offenders into the community.

Douglas Wilburne

Chief Probation Officer

Douglas Wilburne

Chief Probation Officer

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Franklin County's DUI School education classes are temporarily suspended until further notice.


Adult Probation is not allowing visitors to accompany court supervised individuals at this time. Court supervised individuals required to report to the Adult Probation Office will be given instructions by phone, text, and/or email. All individuals that report will be temperature checked with an infrared thermometer.

All Probation Officers are available by phone, text and/or email.

For general questions, please contact the Adult Probation Office at 717-264-6613.


The main objective of the Franklin County Adult Probation/Parole Department is to effectively monitor criminal offenders living and working in the community. The goal of each probation/parole officer has two important elements. One is to aid the offender in his or her rehabilitation and reintegration into the community, and the other is to ensure the safety and protection of both the victim and the community.

As the needs of the public change, so does the role of probation and parole. Working together with the courts and county administrators, the Probation/Parole Department has developed special programs that individualize the treatment of various offenders.

Agency Objectives

• Provide effective community supervision and surveillance for offenders under the jurisdiction of the probation department;

• Provide programming, either directly or through community resources, to assist offenders in achieving a crime-free and satisfactory life adjustment;

• Provide effective tools and information to the courts for use in sentencing decisions;

• Provide effective supervision of offenders in jurisdictions other than those which placed them on probation or parole;

• Utilization of Evidence Based Practice to encourage self-improvement in the conduct and behavior of offenders under the jurisdiction of the probation department.

• In addition to offender supervision, the department prepares pre-sentence investigation reports; collects all criminal court costs, victim restitution and fines; operates inmate work details and the work release program at the county prison; and provides Alcohol Highway Safety School, and Group Intervention Program classes for DUI offenders.



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440 Walker Rd
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(717) 264-6613
M - F, 8:30am - 4:30pm

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