Case Studies


Managing economic development and public service in a growing county puts demands on government that can negatively affect efficiency and fiscal responsibility. In an effort to simplify its processes and cut costs, Franklin County, Pennsylvania has developed a paperless document solution that uses Adobe EchoSign, for electronic signatures.

Not long ago, Franklin County’s 57 departments required vendors and employees to submit documents in triplicate for approval by county officials. Consequently, officials were buried in paperwork with inefficient audit trails. Now employees submit electronic forms to the county’s Laserfiche document management system, which prompts them to submit contracts for e-signature through Adobe EchoSign.
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Going Google

Prior to moving to Google Apps, Franklin County had approximately 650 users on Novell GroupWise and decided to take a closer look at their technology workflows and processes.  

Sean Crager, CIO of Franklin County, was brought onboard to evaluate and modernize Franklin County’s aging technology environment, which at the time, could not effectively support the growth the County was experiencing.

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Document Imaging

Franklin County, PA, has a population of over 155,000, and we have 700+ employees spread over 52 different departments. We first implemented Laserfiche in the Commissioner’s Office in 2000 to cut down on paper storage. Since then, Laserfiche has spread to 35 other departments with more in the pipeline. Here is how we have implemented Laserfiche Rio across our organization.

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At Franklin County, PA (population 140,000), we use Laserfiche in 36 of our 52 departments, and we’ve implemented about 40 different workflows. The deposit slips workflow, which is used in the Treasurer’s Office, has saved us $7,000 per year in printing costs. 

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Event Scheduling 

Anyone who has hosted a training event knows that there are numerous details to manage. Previously, these details have been beyond overwhelming when coordinating the Franklin County Human Service Training Days event. This annual event offers more than 30 workshops over a two-day period. Each day consists of four training sessions with a keynote speaker, breakfast and lunch. Historically, this event was extremely paper driven with registration forms, participant packets, sign-in sheets and evaluations. 
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