Court Facility Improvement Project

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A courthouse is more than just a building. 

Courts are a cornerstone of our society and provide a core function of government—adjudication of legal disputes. A courthouse is a place where victims of crime come for justice and where those who are threatened with violence come for protection. It must provide secure holding cells, courtrooms, private conference rooms and separate hallways for incarcerated individuals, court staff and the public, jury assembly and deliberation rooms. Every person entering a courthouse should expect to feel safe and be secure. 

A courthouse is also a public facility that functions to allow the public to conduct the public's business. For this business, the courthouse must provide adequate spaces and amenities for family court which includes adoptions, protection from abuse orders, guardianships and custody cases, as well as for the filing of mortgages, marriage licenses, soldiers’ discharges, wills and estates, concealed weapon permits, death records and deeds.
The current court facilities have deficiencies, and if not addressed, the safe keeping of citizens’ important documents will be at risk and the current space constraints will hamper efficiency and most importantly, compromise public safety. By improving court facilities, the Court is able to continue to provide quality justice and public service to our community.

Project History

Since the last major expansion of court facilities in 1979, Franklin County has had a 37% population increase and has added three judges with related support staff, Assistant District Attorneys, Public Defenders, and other court staff to a courthouse constructed for two presiding judges. Studies conducted in 2009 justified a significant expansion of court facilities, however the project was put on hold due to poor economic conditions. The county population has continued to grow, along with the need for adequate space and safer, more secure accommodations.

We are at a point where the needs of our county can no longer be delayed. As fiscal responsibility remains our goal, much deliberation has gone into the proposed project to ensure the most efficient and effective use of tax dollars to meet the impending needs of Franklin County residents. 

Project Details

  • Franklin County Judicial Center - COMPLETE, November 2021 – construction of a new 108,113 gross sq ft Courthouse to house:  courtrooms, Judges’ chambers and supporting staff, detainer holding cells, secure sally port, Sheriff’s Office, Clerk of Courts, Prothonotary
  • Historic Courthouse and Courthouse Annex - Courthouse COMPLETE, October 2022 – minor renovation[1] of the historic Courthouse and 45,000 sf Courthouse Annex to house: Juvenile Probation, Domestic Relations, 911 Backup Services, Adult Probation, Public Defender and District Attorney 
  • Administration Building - COMPLETE, February 2021 – 43,000 gross sq ft construction of the Administration Building on N. Second Street to house: Accounts Payable, Commissioners, Controller, Criminal Justice Advisory Board & Grants Management, Human Resources & Risk, Information Technology, Planning & Tax Services, Property Management, Register & Recorder, Treasurer, Voter Registration 
  • Archives Facility - Phase I, COMPLETE, October 2019; Phase II, COMPLETE, February 2022 – renovation of 14,623 gross sq ft on N. Second Street for Archives Storage (Phase I) and office space (Phase II).

Total Courthouse and Administrative Project Costs – $67.8M including all fees, owner administrative costs and project contingency. A bond has been issued for $55M net proceeds to pay for the project over 20 years, increasing debt service millage by 1.5 mills—approximately $29.00 a year[2] for an average Franklin County homeowner. The remainder of the project funding will be secured once contractor bids are received. 

Safety & Security – This is a major concern of utmost importance. Difficulty in keeping victims, witnesses, jurors, defendants, judges, attorneys and the public separated threatens our ability to administer justice and costs taxpayers more than necessary.

Co-location – Court-related offices are fragmented and spread out around the Greater Chambersburg Area at 7 different locations. Consolidating most operations to one downtown campus increases accessibility and reduces expenses by approximately $8M over 20 years.

Cost-effectiveness The current buildings do not provide a secure environment; adding costly staff will improve but not correct security concerns. The former Chambersburg Trust Building is not ADA compliant and, after review, it is not cost-effective to retrofit it for court purposes.


Noelker & Hull Associates, Inc. and Silling Architects

Recoveries and Efficencies

Project Financing Overview

Project Floor Plan Reviewed and Approved_10.4.18

Questions & Comments

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[1] in compliance with Pennsylvania Historic Commission

[2]  values based on a home value of $150,000 and 2018 millage


old drawing of present court house Franklin County, PA

History of Franklin County Courthouses

Artist painting mural panel

Judicial Center Mural Project