Case Management Services

A Mental Health Case Manager coordinates a variety of community services, monitors the services, and serves as an advocate for the individual receiving services and their family and friends.  It is the Case Manager's role to locate resources and assist the individual in getting access to their needed services.

A case manager provides assistance in identifying an individual’s needs, goals, strengths, abilities, and preferences in their treatment and recovery. The case manager also monitors the effectiveness of services to ensure they are of benefit.  All residents having a diagnosis of a serious mental health illness qualify for these services regardless of their ability to pay.  After the need for services is established, financial liability is determined. Case Managers then assist individuals in applying for any benefits available to help pay for the cost of services.

Mental health case management levels of care include Utilization Management (UM), Administrative Case Management (ACM), Resource Coordination (RC) and Intensive Case Management (ICM). 

UM – Utilization Management is basic case management services for individuals who are stable in their mental illness and only need assistance with completing various documentation. 

ACM - Administrative Case Managers work with individuals who are stable in their mental illness. Therefore, the caseloads are rather large and staff has minimal contact with their individuals.

RC - Resource Coordination is for individuals in need of multiple services at a level between Intensive Case Management and Administrative Case Management. The caseloads are small enough to allow the staff to be in contact on a frequent basis, while fostering independence in those individuals that can manage it. 

ICM - The individual caseloads are smaller than in Administrative Case Management and Resource Coordination allowing staff to have more frequent contact with each individual/family and, therefore, greater opportunity to provide assistance and support. 

Agencies that provide case management services: 

Service Access and Management, Inc. (SAM)
TrueNorth Wellness Services

(TrueNorth Wellness Services provides administrative case management services for individuals who reside in Fulton County).