Community Support Program

Monthly Meetings 
CSP is a group of recipients of mental health services, family members, mental health professionals, and other community members who are working together to help adults with serious mental illnesses and co-occurring  disorders live successfully in the community. The cornerstone of CSP is the bringing together of families, friends, professionals and other natural supports into the lives of people with mental illness.  

Franklin and Fulton CSP members sit on Advisory Boards to advocate for persons with mental illness. Fulton CSP is part of a statewide coalition. Over the years, it has achieved a very positive reputation within Pennsylvania. 

Community Involvement
Participants have the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals with serious mental illness and those with co-occurring (mental health/intellectual disabilities or mental health/ drug and alcohol) disorders by becoming involved with the Franklin and Fulton County Community Support Program. The Leadership Academy is one of the ways that individuals get to interact with others in the community.

Provide phone support (Warm Line; persons who answer the phones receive ongoing monitoring and training) to members of the local community which allows the crisis intervention service to focus more exclusively on the individuals who are in crisis. This service provides individuals with a place they can call to speak with someone. 


Mental Health Association of Franklin County