Outpatient Mental Health Services

Outpatient therapy is a level of care with the least amount of restriction. The therapy can be individual or group, structured or not.

Traditional outpatient therapy is individual sessions with a therapist at their office. There are some occasions when an individual may bring a partner or family member to the session, however the focus remains on the identified individual.

It is important that a person in outpatient therapy be able to maintain a degree of safety outside of the session. At times a higher, or more restrictive level of care may be required to ensure the safety of the client.

Individuals may also see a psychiatrist for medication management as necessary. 

Agencies that provide Outpatient Mental Health Services:
Family Behavioral Resources
Franklin Family Services
Momentum Services
WellSpan Health
Pennsylvania Counseling Services
Keystone Behavioral Health Center
Pathways Counseling Services
Francis Leiter Center
Lutheran Counseling Services
CenterPoint Counseling Services