Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Psychiatric rehabilitation services, based on the nationally known and respected Boston University model, are provided to adults with minimal employment skills, are socially isolated with limited social skills and whose lives lack meaningful structure/direction. Program participants are strongly encouraged to develop their own goals within four key areas and are supported by staff to successfully meet these goals as they progress in dealing with the symptoms of their mental illness.  Attendees are also encouraged to develop skills which may enable them to become competitively employed within the local community. These individuals have become contributing members of the local community.

This movement also creates opportunities for more individuals to participate in and benefit from this program. Participation in this structured day program reduces the utilization of inpatient psychiatric beds as well as the amount of recidivism concerning inpatient admissions. More than simply providing individuals with a place to go during the day, this program provides individuals with a supportive environment which encourages personal growth and development.



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