Vocational Rehabilitation

Sheltered employment is a workplace that provides a supportive environment where a person with a disability can acquire job skills and vocational experience. 

Vocational Rehabilitation is a service that provides job training to individuals with disabilities.  Individuals work with a counselor who develops a service plan with the individual so he or she can reach the highest level of employability.  Employment is in-house and individuals' pay corresponds with their production.  

Work adjustment training is a vocational rehabilitation program to develop an individual’s capability, including vocational, social and emotional capabilities to the optimal level.  Individuals participate in this program when the outlook for attainment of competitive employment within a short period of time is likely.  Individuals are assigned to a counselor and are placed in a competitive oriented work setting during training.  This program is sponsored by the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation and may last up to 16 weeks.


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