Child and Adolescent Service System Program (CASSP)

It’s best to contact the CASSP Coordinator to ensure that the referral is appropriate and that CASSP is not currently involved.

Releases are required from parents and individuals over age 14 in order to get the process moving and to share information.

Involvement in CASSP is voluntary.

CASSP will sometimes be asked to get involved by the managed care company when a child is recommended for a higher level of care, there are multiple agencies involved or there is a need for help with a transition back to the community (discharge planning).

High Profile Cases are often referred to CASSP for coordination and collaboration.

CASSP Meetings can be:
• One-time only meetings
• Problem-solving meetings or for times when your team is “stuck” or has differences of opinions regarding services and/or treatment needs
• For a child who is at risk of out-of-home placement *
• On-going, regularly scheduled review meetings for high profile cases
• Discharge planning meetings for transitioning back to the community, etc.
• Transition-planning meetings for youth who are aging out of the children’s service system and into the adult system

Some benefits of CASSP:
• Sharing & communication of information among the interagency team
• Problem solving, brain storming
• Offers support for the family and agencies involved
• Finding other services/programs that could be beneficial
• Helps to look at the big picture & the future
• Discussing and working through systems issues

For more information on CASSP, please contact the CASSP Coordinator at (717) 709-2307