Franklin/Fulton County Crisis Intervention Team

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The South Central Region Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) is based on the nationally recognized Memphis Police Department CIT program and is an innovative program of police-based crisis intervention involving law enforcement, mental health, and advocacy partnerships (MHA). CIT is a pre-jail diversion program that directs individuals with mental illness away from the criminal justice system and into treatment where they can be better served. Programs offered:


  • 40-hours of specialized training to intervene more effectively in crisis situations involving people with serious mental illness and drug and alcohol issues. Officers learn to recognize the signs of psychiatric distress and how to de-escalate a crisis—avoiding officer and individual injuries/deaths, and tragedy for the community.
  • Community Liaison is a mental health professional embedded in the Chambersburg, Greencastle, Washington Township & Waynesboro Police Departments. The liaisons are able to work with community members to engage in service systems instead of criminal justice system when applicable.


If you need more information about any of the services listed above, please call our office at (717) 264-5387 or email