Program Functions

Program functions consist of duties such as contract preparation, program/contract monitoring, program development and education and resource sharing. 

Staff coordinates programmatic and fiscal management of the local intellectual & developmental disabilities service delivery system. Related activities include planning, development/expansion of services, contracting with provider agencies, monitoring of the services provided including evaluating program effectiveness and efficiency. 

Tasks include, but are not limited to:

Contract Preparation

Franklin/Fulton MH/IDD/EI operates on a July 1st to June 30th fiscal year. Contracts are prepared on an annual basis with the combined involvement of Program Specialists, fiscal staff and agency personnel. Similarly mid-year amendments are prepared with the mutual collaboration of the aforementioned individuals.

Program/Contract Monitoring

This annual process involves one of more of the Program Specialists. During the on site visit staff receives a tour of the facility, speaks with program staff and reviews a variety of documents including: the agency’s policies and procedures, staff training log, fire drill log, etc. Additionally program participant charts are reviewed (as appropriate) to assure that all documentation is completed and updated. Along with the review of charts, contract requirements are reviewed to assure providers are meeting the expectations of their contract and completing reports required by the County and/or state. Brief conversations with program participants are sometimes included to get a broader perspective of the program. A summary report of findings is prepared and provided to the agency afterwards.

Program Development

As service gaps are identified through a variety of means and as funding becomes available, staff and various stakeholders determine if new programs can be developed or existing programs expanded to ensure that individuals are receiving the services they need to support their ongoing recovery. 

Education and Resource Sharing

Staff welcomes phone calls inquiring about available local intellectual disabilities services. Staff is also available to provide training on a wide variety of topics to agency staff, staff from other county departments, civic organizations, etc. upon request. Staff participates in numerous community health fairs and similar functions to show representation and provide information and resources to those who attend.