July 24, 2023

Franklin County Treatment Court Plans Graduation Ceremony

CHAMBERSBURG, PA – The Franklin County Good Wolf Treatment Court will celebrate the program’s 26th and 27th graduates during a special ceremony on July 27. The public is invited to attend the program, which will begin at 5 p.m. in the Historic Courtroom of the Franklin County Judicial Center, located at 14 N. Main St., Chambersburg.


“We welcome the community to celebrate individuals who have demonstrated their commitment to recovery and a life of sobriety,” said Judge Jeremiah Zook. “Graduating from the Good Wolf Treatment Court is just an example of their dedication to recovery and becoming a productive member of our community.”


Good Wolf Treatment Court began in April 2017 in response to the opioid epidemic in Franklin County. The program is a collaborative effort of the probation department, law enforcement, mental health services and treatment counselors. It offers criminal defendants a rigorous and challenging alternative to incarceration, promoting sobriety, recovery, honesty and accountability.

To be eligible, individuals must first be screened and recommended by the Franklin County District Attorney. From there, they are required to undergo a drug and alcohol assessment by a clinical provider, accept responsibility for their criminal conduct, and agree to a sentence that may include jail time along with treatment.

Participants initially appear in treatment court every two weeks so their progress can be closely monitored. Community service is a condition of participation. Honesty and accountability are key components of Good Wolf Treatment Court. Participants can receive incentives or sanctions that coincide with their good or bad behaviors.

To date, 110 individuals have entered into Good Wolf Treatment Court since its inception; 27 have reached graduation – a testament to the program’s strict requirements as well as the challenges individuals face in recovery. The program continues to prove a combination of accountability, engagement, honesty, treatment and life changes can save lives while reducing the associated costs of prosecution and incarceration.


For more information on Good Wolf Treatment Court, call 717-261-3848.


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