Remuneration Fund

Franklin County Juvenile Probation began offering the remuneration program in 2014.  This program affords juveniles the opportunity to make financial restitution to their victim(s). Juveniles participate in scheduled work groups and are compensated the federal minimum wage for each hour worked. Juveniles are referred to the program by their supervising officers and have the opportunity to earn up to $500.00 over a twelve (12) month period. The earned monies are then paid to victims via a process through the Payment Division and the Controller’s Office. Work opportunities are available year round and throughout Franklin County. However, the bulk of the work is completed during the summer months at public grounds and local school districts. Tasks performed include, but are not limited to cleaning campsites and park grills, picking trash, painting, cleaning locker rooms and washing school buses.  Work groups are supervised by probation officers at all times. Program funding is primarily generated by court ordered costs paid by juvenile offenders to the remuneration fund.