STEPS (Striving to Encourage Personal Success)

This program is designed for juvenile offenders who have scored Moderate-High to High risk to reoffend according to the YLS Assessment, and are recommended to this level of service. The goal is to help these juveniles be accountable for their actions, give back to the community, and learn skills that will help them become productive citizens within their community. This program is also designed to help juveniles learn to set goals and experience success in not just their community, but in their lives. Juveniles that participate in this program will be able to earn community service hours, participate in age appropriate, rewarding activities, and be strongly encouraged to access services in the community around them. S.T.E.P.S. is designed as an alternative to a “one size fits all” program. The juvenile and their family provide input in order to tailor the program to address their high need areas. Each youth is responsible for setting and accomplishing their own personal goals, choosing the life skills they want to improve, and have a voice in their programming. The juveniles participating in this program will also be held accountable for their negative behaviors through sanctions. The program is a team approach and is led by two Probation Officers who work non-traditional hours. The officers are willing to assist the juvenile in attending Court Ordered counseling, community service, obtaining part time employment as well as teaching them life skills that they can carry well into their adulthood.