December 28, 2023

Franklin County 911 Dispatcher Recognized For Assisting Man In Cardiac Arrest

Payden Miller Commendation

Pictured (from left): Franklin County Commissioner John Flannery, 911 telecommunicator Payden Miller, Commissioner Chairman Dave Keller and Commissioner Bob Ziobrowski


CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. – The Franklin County Commissioners recently joined the Emergency Health Services Federation (EHSF) in recognizing Franklin County Department of Emergency Services 911 telecommunicator Payden Miller for his role in saving the life of a local resident earlier this year.


On Sept. 3, Miller answered a call for a man in cardiac arrest. Miller successfully provided CPR instructions to the caller and dispatched the appropriate resources to assist the patient. The patient was successfully resuscitated and transported to the hospital to receive additional care. He has since returned home and is doing well.


For his efforts, Miller received an EHSF Clinical Save Commendation. He has been employed with Franklin County since September 2022.


“We’re so grateful to Payden for helping to save someone’s life and proud of the whole team at the Franklin County Department of Emergency Services who helped make it possible,” said Franklin County Commissioner Chairman Dave Keller.


“Time is a critical factor when dealing with cardiac arrest. The sooner someone can be dispatched with defibrillation capabilities, the better chance of survival,” said EHSF Executive Director C. Steven Lyle. “Were it not for your quick actions, this patient may never have had a chance of survival.”


EHSF commended Miller on his commitment to the community through working in the emergency services system and supporting emergency management services programs in Franklin County.


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