February 01, 2024

Holtz Named Franklin County’s January Employee Of The Month

January 2024 Employee of the Month

Pictured (from left): Lieutenant Spencer Long, Franklin County Commissioner John Flannery, January Employee of the Month Sara Holtz, Commissioner Chairman Dean Horst and Commissioner Bob Ziobrowski


CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. – The Franklin County Commissioners proudly presented the January 2024 Employee of the Month award to Sara Holtz during the board’s Jan. 31 public meeting. Holtz has been employed by Franklin County since April 2010 and serves as a correctional officer at the Franklin County Jail.


January’s Employee of the Month recipient was determined by the Special Thanks and Recognition (STAR) Committee, which received 23 nominations for the January award, six of which were for Holtz.


“On Dec. 29 at approximately 11:45 a.m., Officer Sara Holtz was working the (Franklin County Jail) female unit with Officer Staub when she noticed an inmate choking,” explained one colleague. “Officer Holtz’s life-saving training techniques came to mind as she called on the radio for assistance on the unit. While she radioed for backup, she ran over to the inmate and instructed other inmates to go back to their cells so she could take care of the immediate situation. She also had to move an inmate who was attempting unsuccessfully to perform the Heimlich maneuver.”


The nomination continued, “Officer Holtz assessed the situation quickly and recognized the inmate’s face was starting to turn reddish blue and she was not getting any air. The inmate would soon be unconscious and Officer Holtz had to react quickly. Immediately, she got behind the inmate, wrapped her arms around her stomach and performed the Heimlich maneuver several times. Once the obstruction was dislodged, Officer Holtz instructed the inmate to lay on the ground and made sure her airway was clear. Officer Holtz gave her a drink to double check her air passage to make sure it was clear. The nurses and lieutenant arrived and assessed the inmate.”


“Miss Holtz performed life-saving skills with compassion for another human being,” said another coworker. “I believe Officer Holtz’s actions during this incident merit special recognition. She is a strong officer and is willing to always go above and beyond each and every day. This particular day allowed her to show her abilities, efforts and quick reaction to details. Officer Holtz continuously, day-in and day-out, shows selfless sacrifice and commitment to serve Franklin County.”


Holtz’s outstanding characteristics are attributes that have not gone unnoticed by her peers. Colleagues describe her as courageous, integrous, honorable, vigilant, compassionate, dedicated, humble and respected.


The Franklin County Commissioners congratulated Holtz on her recognition and thanked her for her excellent work and for exuding such a high standard of knowledge, leadership and excellence to the employees and residents of Franklin County.


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