January 19, 2018

Second Open House Held for Court Facility Improvement Project

Franklin County Commissioners held a second public informational open house.

January 18, 2018 – Chambersburg, PA – Two weeks after hearing a public presentation proposing an improvement project to update current court facilities, Franklin County Commissioners held a second public informational open house.

Interested members of the public attended on Thursday evening at the Administrative Annex on North 2nd Street. County officials were available to discuss the proposed court facility plans. Easels displaying plans and artist renderings lined the room and a project information handout was given to each attendee. A Spanish interpreter was also present.

The commissioners and John Hart discussed problems with courthouse security and insufficient space, which have been growing concerns since 2009 when two independent studies examining court facility space issues showed the need for significant expansion. County officials explained that the same issues that justified facility improvements nine years ago have been steadily increasing, due in part to a growing county population. The commissioners reiterated their commitment to the safety of Franklin County citizens and the quality of justice in Franklin County.

The open houses gave the public the opportunity to ask questions and get information from the commissioners as well as the architects involved in the planning process. The two events also gave the commissioners the opportunity to gather public input as they consider this proposal. Commissioner Chairman Dave Keller stated, “It’s important for us to hear what Franklin County residents are thinking. We want to provide as much information as possible and answer any questions.”

If you have a question or would like more information on the Court Facility Improvement Project, please visit www.franklincountypa.gov or email facilityprojectinfo@franklincountypa.gov.

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