February 27, 2018

February Employee of the Month - Robert Povlich

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The Franklin County Commissioners on behalf of the STAR Committee  (Special Thanks And Recognition) proudly present the Employee of the Month award to Mr. Robert Povlich.  Mr. Robert (Bob) Povlich has been employed with the County’s Department of Emergency Services since March of 2016, as the Planning Coordinator. The selection for the February 2018 Employee of the Month was determined by the STAR Committee based on the numerous nominations Robert received. There were a total of 13 nominations, of which 4 were for Robert!  The STAR nomination form asks what recent event or occurrence made you select Robert and the answers include:  “He is an outstanding employee who requires minimal supervision and guidance. Bob is very well organized and analytical. He looks at processes and procedures and seeks methods to better increase efficiency and productivity in all aspects of the DES function and mission. Bob, who has served his Country and is retired from the Air Force, was originally hired as the Operations and Training Officer for D.E.S. He revamped the process in scheduling and registering students for all training held at the Franklin County Public Safety Training Center by D.E.S. and was able to schedule a vast array of training for all public safety and emergency management disciplines. In July 2017, Bob was selected to fill the newly created Planning Coordinator position in D.E.S.  The first major task Bob was assigned was the updating of the county’s Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMP.) Bob has embraced this assignment without concern or reservation. The HMP update is a huge undertaking which occurs every five years and is usually led by a team of consultants or a county planning department. Bob is spearheading this project himself by directing and coordinating the completion of the HMP update which is due in May 2019. Since this plan update is milestone oriented, Bob's outstanding organizational skills ensure all those assisting in the plan update are kept on task and meet date deadlines.  Bob is an exceptional worker and his self-discipline is evident by his strong work ethic. He is his own worst critic and expects nothing less of himself than to produce the highest quality of work in a timely manner. To ensure a successful mission, no aspect of an assignment is too big or small for Bob. He is not afraid to “roll up his sleeves and get dirty in the trenches” or to provide a presentation in a formal setting to a large group of people. In other words, Bob will do whatever is needed to “get the job done.” His character and integrity are beyond reproach and he leads by example.    It has been said “Character is doing the right thing, when nobody is looking”. Bob epitomizes this saying through his daily duties and interactions with all those he encounters. Other employees would fare well if they emulated Bob in not only their professional work life but in their personal life as well. Franklin County and its citizens are fortunate in having Bob Povlich serve them in his position of employment.  In the short time of less than two years of Bob’s employment with Franklin County, he is most deserving of this award and is a compelling recipient.”  Mr. Povlich’s outstanding characteristics are attributes that have not gone unnoticed by his peers.  The nomination form described him as a person of superior character who is self-disciplined, with tremendous  organizational skills, and is a dedicated, hard-working team player. We are grateful to Mr. Robert Povlich as he exudes a high standard of customer service,  excellence and respect to the employees and residents of Franklin County.

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