April 13, 2018

Thanks for a Successful United Way Campaign

Franklin County Commissioners recognize and thank all employees who have contributed to the United Way Campaign.

The United Way of Franklin County’s fundraising campaign has come to a very successful close. The Commissioners would like to proudly recognize Franklin County employees for their efforts in helping the United Way not only meet—but exceed—a goal of $900,000 to be used to directly benefit Franklin County residents.

The United Way makes use of this money by creating partnerships with local agencies to help fund programs that support the United Way’s core values of encouraging early learning, fostering workforce development, enhancing financial literacy and promoting healthy choices.

This year’s fundraising campaign was co-chaired by County Administrator Carrie Gray and Human Resources Director Tiffany Bloyer. Carrie facilitated the meeting of the ‘northern campaign cabinet’ in Chambersburg and Tiffany facilitated the ‘southern campaign cabinet’ in Waynesboro. Carrie noted that the level of expertise, drive, and dedication to the community that the United Way campaign cabinet members offered was a vital component to the progress made during the six month campaign.

Addressing those in attendance at the Campaign Closing Celebration on April 4th, Carrie referenced a quote from Walt Whitman which she felt summarized her personal experience as a co-chair. The quote reads, “The gift is to the giver, and comes back most to him—it cannot fail.” Through working with a community that stands ready to help and partner with the United Way, Carrie realized that it was she who was really receiving the gift of community.  

“I am honored to have had a chance to experience the exponential power of the gift coming back to the giver. And I realize, through campaigns like this one, that everyone who contributed a gift is going to get exponentially in return.”

The success of this campaign is due to the generosity of individuals, businesses, and organizations county-wide and Franklin County is proud to be a part of this community collaboration. In addition to donations to the United Way totaling $7,500 from county employees, our Franklin County Jail staff was given the United Way Spirit Award for embodying the spirit of the organization through raising their own awareness of United Way initiatives, then using what they had learned to inspire and recruit campaign participants.

Again, thank you to Carrie Gray, Tiffany Bloyer, Franklin County Jail staff, and to all employees who have donated to the United Way Campaign. Together, we are helping to create positive change in our community!


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