Crisis Intervention Team Reaches 150 Members

Congratulations to the 9th graduating class of the South Central Region Crisis Intervention Team!

Congratulations to the 9th graduating class of the South Central Region Crisis Intervention Team (CIT).  Started in 2015, the Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) represents state and local law enforcement, first responders, crisis, jail officers/staff, probation/parole officers, hospital staff, mental health professionals and advocates. Franklin County has over 150 trained CIT members.                                                

The goal of CIT is to provide safer interventions for officers and community members while intentionally approaching incidents with concern for the wellbeing of the citizens involved. Training focuses on effectively de-escalating incidents in the community when encountering individuals who are experiencing behavioral health crises due to mental illness and/or co‐occurring substance use disorders. It also provides resources to officers in re‐directing these individuals into emergency behavioral health facilities.

This class of graduates represent Franklin County Jail (FCJ), Chambersburg Police Department (CPD), Shippensburg University Police Department (SUPD), Franklin County Department of Emergency Services (DES), Waynesboro Police Department (WPD), Crisis Intervention, Communications for Franklin County Commissioners Office, Mental Health/Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities/Early Intervention (MH/IDD/EI), and Greencastle Police Department (GPD).

Newly CIT trained officers:  Matt Affleck-FCJ, Cole Baker-CPD, Heather Bradnick-SUPD, Rachelle Culbertson-DES, Cody Davis-WPD, Hebe Gueits-DES, Derek Hawbaker-DES, Stacy Hess-Crisis Intervention, Julia Lehman-Communications for Franklin County Commissioners, Rick Morrissette-CPD, Erin Nye-MH/IDD/EI, Andrew Park-FCJ, Deanna Park-FCJ, Devon Reinert-SUPD, Kellee Rogers-WPD, Bryan Ruth-SUPD, Geoffrey Smith-SUPD, William Smith-DES, Preston Stayer-GPD, Brady Strite-DES, and Kimberly Wolfe-WPD.


9th graduating class of south central crisis intervention team

For more information on CIT training, contact Cori Seilhamer, Certified CIT Coordinator at 717-264-5387.


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