April 12, 2021

March 2021 Employee of the Month - Bradley Mills

The Franklin County Commissioners proudly present the Employee of the Month award for March to Mr. Bradley Mills.


Mr. Mills has been employed with Franklin County since 2010 and currently serves as Booking/Correctional Officer with the Franklin County Jail. The selection for the March 2021 Employee of the Month was determined by the Special Thanks And Recognition (STAR) Committee from a total of sixteen nominations. The nomination form asks what recent event or occurrence prompted you to select Bradley and the answers all related to an incident which took place at the Jail on February 25, 2021: 


“Correctional Officer Bradley Mills was assigned to his post in Central Booking. During his shift, a local police department brought in an offender. This offender had a backpack with him. The backpack was given to Correctional Officer Mills by the arresting officer. Protocol requires Correctional Officer Mills to ask if the offender has on him or with him any drugs, weapons, etc. The offender said no. Correctional Officer Mills asked him again if he had anything for the staff to be concerned about. The offender once again said no. During the intake process, Correctional Officer Mills proceeded to put on his gloves and started to go through the offender’s backpack. Officer Mills found several knives and placed them in secured storage. He continued to go through the backpack, and on the bottom, inside of another bag, Correctional Officer Mills found a loaded handgun.”                                                     

“During the time Correctional Officer Mills was searching the backpack, an unsecured inmate was cleaning the Booking area. After discovering the firearm, Correctional Officer Mills calmly locked down the unsecured inmate, while maintaining control of the inmate, as well as controlling the backpack that contained the firearm.”

“Correctional Officer Mills’ thoroughness, quick actions and calm demeanor averted a situation that could have ended tragically for staff and inmates. Correctional Officer Mills should be recognized because without his actions on this night, Franklin County Jail staff could have easily been injured or worse.”

“Officer Mills’ attention to detail, along with his ability to remain calm, thwarted a very contentious situation.”

“Obviously, any kind of weapon within the Jail presents a potentially deadly scenario. Officer Mills’ attention to detail was, therefore, life saving.”

Mr. Mills’ outstanding characteristics are attributes that have not gone unnoticed by his peers. The nomination forms describe him as being professional, dedicated, calm and thorough.  Additionally, Officer Mills possesses sound judgment, using both his training and common sense to quickly determine the best course of action. He is also self-disciplined, as he controls his emotions when confronted with a hostile situation.

We are grateful to Mr. Bradley Mills as he exudes a high standard of customer service, excellence, and respect to the employees and residents of Franklin County.


Commissioner John Flannery, Chairman Commissioner Dave Keller, Employee of the Month - Correctional Officer Bradley Mills, and Commissioner Bob Ziobrowski


Pictured above: Commissioner John Flannery, Chairman Commissioner Dave Keller, Employee of the Month - Correctional Officer Bradley Mills, and Commissioner Bob Ziobrowski

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