July 28, 2022

Stouffer Named Franklin County’s July Employee Of The Month

July 2022 Employee of the Month

Pictured (from left): Franklin County Commissioner John Flannery, July Employee of the Month Lisa Stouffer, Commissioner Chairman Dave Keller and Commissioner Bob Ziobrowski


CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. – The Franklin County Commissioners proudly presented the July 2022 Employee of the Month award to Lisa Stouffer during the board’s July 27 public meeting. Stouffer has been employed with Franklin County since April 2021 and currently serves as the purchasing coordinator with the county’s procurement department.


July’s Employee of the Month recipient was determined by the Special Thanks and Recognition (STAR) Committee, which received 15 nominations for the July award, six of which were for Stouffer. When nominating a coworker, employees are asked to share a specific event or circumstance that makes an individual deserving of Employee of the Month. Stouffer’s nominations cited her willingness to assist others across the County and her ability to juggle multiple tasks, all the while doing so expeditiously and with a positive attitude.


“Lisa has been instrumental in helping me get things purchased for the newly created Community Connections division,” said one nomination form. “Due to being an entirely new division, it has been a challenge to get items ordered in a timely manner. Lisa has been very patient while helping me work through the processes to acquire everything necessary to run a department. It has been a pleasure to work with her.”


The nomination continued, “Lisa is very quick to respond to an email and help with a requisition. I have called her when necessary and she is pleasant and helpful. When someone is helpful, it certainly reduces the stress, and we can all agree that anyone who helps with that is an asset.”


“The Franklin County Sheriff's Office often depends on the procurement department to secure hotel rooms, flight arrangements and rental cars for overnight extradition-related details,” said another colleague. “Oftentimes, prisoner extraditions need to be completed without a lot of time to make arrangements. That’s when we rely on Lisa and the procurement department. Within literally minutes of submitting travel request forms, Lisa is sending me the hotel, flight and rental car receipts and confirming that everything has been booked. This makes our jobs a whole lot easier when time is not on our side.”


“When it comes to flying extraditions, sometimes flights are canceled or we do not find out until we reach the terminal that the pilot will not allow an inmate on the flight,” the colleague continued. “Fear not; a quick call to Lisa and the problem is no longer a problem. Within a few minutes, an alternate flight is booked and the deputies are on their way back to Franklin County with the inmate in their custody.”


“Through COVID, loss of staff and a volatile purchasing market, it seemed purchasing necessary items for our operations would never be easy, let alone enjoyable. Enter Lisa Stouffer,” the nomination went on. “First, I recognized her bright, positive attitude. Next, I noticed a willingness to go beyond to help and support our mission. Lastly, I noticed her integrity. Lisa looks out for the best interests of our operations while aligning our purchasing needs to the constraints and needs of the rest of the county. It’s a job I do not envy. Her role of purchasing much-needed equipment in the support of Franklin County Government's critical functions may not be glamorous, but I believe we have the most effective and helpful purchasing partner in the state! Lisa is the epitome of how a professional purchasing partner should operate.”


Another colleague said, “Lisa shows continual outstanding work. She takes on a multitude of different tasks supporting the 52 different departments within the county and the wide variety of needs they present. Lisa keeps track of the work needed and never leaves anyone’s needs behind. She is always very responsive to requests and responds to the departments in a timely fashion. When an emergency arises, she addresses it quickly. Lisa does all this with a smile and a laugh, always keeping a great attitude and never complaining.”


“Lisa does an exceptional job when handling travel requests and everything they entail,” cited one nomination form. “She gets in touch with every hotel, ensures the paperwork has been accepted and filed away, and follows up with issues that inadvertently pop up. She books the flights and takes into account meeting times and how late an employee will land before heading home. With so many conferences booked in the summer alone, she handles a very lengthy process on her own and keeps everything incredibly organized.”


“Lisa virtually carried the procurement department on her shoulders through a recent period of low staffing, even though she herself was a new employee during that time,” said one coworker. “Now that the department is fully staffed, she continues to lead and juggles multiple priorities and projects with ease, all the while staying relentlessly upbeat.”


Stouffer’s outstanding characteristics are attributes that have not gone unnoticed by her peers. The nomination forms describe her as responsive, supportive, fiscally conscious and someone who possesses excellent problem-solving abilities. She is also considered to be attentive, accommodating and the epitome of a team player.


The Franklin County Commissioners congratulated Stouffer for her recognition and thanked her for her excellent work and for making such a good impression in a short period of time.


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