November 22, 2022

Franklin County Seeks Public Input On Broadband Services

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. – The Franklin County Commissioners invite residents and stakeholders to share their thoughts and feedback on broadband internet services in the county by answering a brief survey.


Three surveys are available:


Surveys are also available on the Information Technology Services page of the Franklin County website, Additionally, paper copies of the survey have been mailed to select households in the county. Those who would like to complete the survey but lack internet access are encouraged to visit public libraries, senior centers and other locations that provide free public computer usage.


The survey is part of the Broadband Community Assessment, a joint effort by Franklin and Adams counties to assess internet service needs in the region and the types of technological solutions necessary to provide acceptable levels of service in the future. Funding for the study comes from the federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). 


Federal data often misconstrues the prevalence of broadband services available to Pennsylvanians. A 2021 analysis by the Center for Rural Pennsylvania determined none of the state’s 67 counties are fully served by broadband. Rural areas – including Franklin County – are even more likely to be underserved and experience a greater lack of service.


By completing this survey, Franklin County residents and other stakeholders can voice their concerns and experiences with internet service to reflect a more accurate, real life picture of broadband needs in the region. That feedback could prove valuable when it comes to seeking funding for future broadband projects.


“We know there are areas of Franklin County where residents and businesses struggle with reliable, high-speed internet service,” said Franklin County Commissioner Chairman Dave Keller. “The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the critical need for improved internet accessibility and we know now that having access to this type of service is no longer a luxury but a necessity in the everyday lives of our residents, businesses, schools and our healthcare providers. Lacking this critical infrastructure component could have serious, long-term consequences on Franklin County’s quality of life and opportunities for economic growth and development.”


The survey is available online through Jan. 12.


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