March 13, 2023

Franklin County Recognizes Employees For Dedication, Outstanding Service

2022 Employee of the Year

Pictured (from left) Franklin County Commissioner John Flannery, 2022 Employee of the Year Nicole Boling, Commissioner Chairman Dave Flannery and Commissioner Bob Ziobrowski


CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. – The Franklin County Commissioners recently announced the county’s highest employee honors when naming its 2022 SERVICE Value Award winners, Employee of the Year and Community Hero.


“We have so much admiration and respect for our employees, and we couldn’t do what we do without them. Their knowledge, experience and desire to leave this county a better place than they found it shines through to us every day,” said Franklin County Commissioner Chairman Dave Keller. “Of all the things the commissioners are responsible for, the number one thing we do is try to retain and hire the best employees, and that means providing them with the resources they need, including financial support, moral support and every other kind of support. These awards are just a small token of our appreciation for the work our employees do.”


2022 SERVICE Value Award Winners

Pictured (from left): Robin Harmon, Nicole Boling, Jessica Mason, Jason Goetz, James Eagler, Heather Franzoni, Keri Kenney


SERVICE Value Awards

Franklin County’s SERVICE Value Awards recognize those employees whose performance exemplifies and represents one of the county’s seven established values, which, as an acronym, spell S-E-R-V-I-C-E. Employees are nominated by coworkers and recipients are selected by division leaders. Those values and descriptions are:


STEWARDSHIP: Balancing efficiency and flexibility with fiscal discipline, we will seek sustainable resources, practice long-term planning, and be prudent when using resources.

2022 Recipient: Robin Harmon, Director, Procurement


EMPLOYEES: We will value individuals’ contributions to the organization and provide encouragement, opportunities and resources to support them in reaching their maximum potential.

2022 Employee of the Year: Nicole Boling, Senior Planner, Planning Department


RESPONSIVENESS: We will deliver on our commitments in a timely manner.

2022 Recipient: Jessica Mason, GIS analyst, Geographic Information Systems


VISIBILITY: We will honestly exchange ideas and information, with the public and coworkers, transparently and respectfully at all times.

2022 Recipient: Jason Goetz, Mosquito and Tick Borne Disease Control Specialist, Planning Department


INTEGRITY: We will strictly adhere to the moral, legal and ethical principles underlying our operations and service delivery.

2022 Recipient: James Eagler, Administrator, Franklin/Fulton Drug and Alcohol


CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: We will hone our processes, our services and ourselves, knowing that big results come from small changes over time.

2022 Recipient: Heather Franzoni, Deputy Warden of Inmate Custody, Franklin County Jail


ENGAGEMENT: We will work together to incorporate the needs, assets and perspectives of all aspects of the community into the design, implementation and delivery of programs.

2022 Recipient: Keri Kenney, Human Resources Coordinator Training and Development, Human Resources


2022 Community Hero Award

Pictured (from left) Franklin County Commissioner John Flannery, 2022 Community Hero Jennifer Courtney, Commissioner Chairman Dave Keller, Commissioner Bob Ziobrowski


Community Hero Award

Jennifer Courtney was named the 2022 Community Hero award recipient. This honor is presented to an employee who has gone above and beyond the call of duty to improve or save the lives of Franklin County residents. 


Courtney joined the county in September 2021 and serves as a drug and alcohol prevention program/adult probation case specialist with Franklin/Fulton Drug and Alcohol. Courtney’s peers recognized her for her work ethic, selflessness and passion for helping others without expectation of recognition. On two separate occasions, Courtney’s quick thinking, resourcefulness and experience as a first responder provided critical assistance to individuals experiencing medical emergencies at the county’s Human Services Building.


“To me, a hero is just an ordinary person who aspires to be kind and compassionate to others,” said Courtney. “I feel honored to know that my fellow coworkers recognized that kindness and compassion in me.”


Employee of the Year

Nicole Boling received the 2022 Employee of the Year Award. Boling has been employed with Franklin County since November 2019 as a senior planner with the county’s Planning Department.


“I am so honored to be recognized by Franklin County for the work I do within the Planning Department,” said Boling. “I am fortunate to be surrounded by supportive and talented colleagues who are passionate about making a difference in the community. It is so rewarding to be part of the Franklin County team.”


Franklin County’s Employee of the Year is chosen annually from among the county’s 12 Employee of the Month recipients. Boling was honored as the April 2022 Employee of the Month when she was recognized for her apt handling of several large projects and grants and how her foresight and organizational skills played into their success.


2022 Employees of the Month

Franklin County Commissioners and the county’s 2022 Employees of the Month (from left): Angela Stoner, Sheena Baker, Megan Simmons, MaryAnna Black, Zachary West, John McPaul, Nicole Boling, Joshua Nocton, Lisa Stouffer, Paul (Ted) Reed, Kelly Knepper and Christopher Foote


Employees of the Month

Those individuals who were recognized as Franklin County Employees of the Month in 2022 were:

  • January: Christopher Foote, Booking Officer/Correctional Officer, Franklin County Jail
  • February: Kelly Knepper, Incident Support Team Officer, Department of Emergency Services
  • March: Paul (Ted) Reed, Chief Deputy Coroner, Franklin County Coroner’s Office
  • April: Nicole Boling, Senior Planner, Planning Department
  • May: Angela Stoner, Deputy Court Administrator, Court Administration
  • June: Megan Simmons, Caseworker III – Intake, Children & Youth Services
  • July: Lisa Stouffer, Purchasing Coordinator, Procurement
  • August: Zachary West, Desktop Support Specialist, Information Technology Services
  • September: Joshua Nocton, Correctional Officer, Franklin County Jail
  • October: John McPaul, Community Outreach Coordinator, Veterans Affairs
  • November: Sheena Baker, Communications Coordinator, Commissioners’ Office
  • December: MaryAnna Black, Caseworker II, Children & Youth Services


The commissioners extended their heartfelt thanks and gratitude to each of these individuals for their hard work and dedication on behalf of Franklin County residents.


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