June 29, 2023

Rowe Named Franklin County’s June Employee Of The Month

June 2023 Employee of the Month

Pictured (from left): Franklin County Commissioner John Flannery, June 2023 Employee of the Month Stacy Rowe, Commissioner Chairman Dave Keller and Commissioner Bob Ziobrowski


CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. – The Franklin County Commissioners proudly presented the June 2023 Employee of the Month award to Stacy Rowe during the board’s June 28 public meeting. Rowe has been employed with Franklin County since July 2011 and serves as the human services fiscal manager in the county’s fiscal department.


June’s Employee of the Month recipient was determined by the Special Thanks and Recognition (STAR) Committee, which received 23 nominations for the June award, five of which were for Rowe. Multiple nominations cited Rowe’s ability and willingness to take on additional roles and responsibilities in the wake of vacancies within the fiscal department.


“Every time there is a vacancy [among the human services fiscal officers], Stacy steps up and ensures that the duties of the vacant positions are taken care of by assuming those duties and/or delegating as she is able,” said one nomination form. “Even under additional pressure, Stacy remains professional, composed, thorough, fiscally thoughtful and available to assist human services program staff and related fiscal staff, at times making sacrifices of her personal time. Stacy handles all with a smile and compassion for others…. Her dedication is a model that provides value to human services programs and fiscal staff as well as to all consumers of county human services programs. Her efforts should not go unnoticed.”


“Stacy has filled the gaps when vacancies occur within the fiscal department,” said another colleague. “She also supervises many fiscal officers in human services while managing many different state and federal fiscal and regulatory matters and ensuring accurate reporting to state and federal agencies. This is a challenging task due to changes in funding streams each fiscal year. Stacy has done a terrific job managing the transitions and supporting new fiscal staff.”


One coworker noted, “Over the last two years, I witnessed Stacy take on the job duties for several fiscal officer vacancies and projects without hesitation. She was able to seamlessly work on multiple programs, all with very different regulations, while increasing the efficiency of the fiscal processes. She was able to not only perform her own duties but make sure deadlines and crucial aspects of the job were met. These types of responsibilities can be complex and trying, and she did so with patience and positivity.


“Stacy is always encouraging the fiscal officers and does everything she can to make sure they are supported in their jobs,” the nomination continued. “She also focuses on their wellbeing and suggests and participates in things like breaktime walks and group lunches. Stacy’s positivity, patience and encouragement make her an outstanding asset to the county.”


“Stacy has always been such a wonderful person, stepping in to help wherever needed,” cited one employee. “She has filled in for other departments when they are in need of a fiscal officer ...She is never short tempered, unwilling to help or lets her other work go to the wayside. I never feel like I have been turned away or have had a question go unanswered when it comes to Stacy. She is an amazing coworker and an overall wonderful person.”


“Stacy has stepped up to the task of handling several different programs during fiscal vacancies as well as still taking care of her own,” said one nomination form. “Not only was she handling the day-to-day tasks that come with being a fiscal officer, but she was taking care of multiple time-sensitive deadlines. Stacy still made herself available for questions from staff as well as training opportunities for new hires. There was never a time anyone was turned away from her door, even during tight deadlines. Stacy also worked tirelessly through evenings and weekends, cutting into her personal life.”


Rowe’s outstanding characteristics are attributes that have not gone unnoticed by her peers. She is described as supportive, dedicated, knowledgeable, professionally adept, poised and encouraging.


The Franklin County Commissioners congratulated Rowe on her recognition and thanked her for her excellent work and for exuding such a high standard of customer service, excellence and respect to the employees and residents of Franklin County.


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