October 17, 2023

Preparing for the Upcoming Municipal Election

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. – The Democratic and Republican candidates who received the highest number of votes in the May 16 primary will now face off on the Municipal Election ballot with the party that nominated them listed behind their name. The candidates who receive the highest number of votes on Nov. 7 will be elected into office for the next term.


Offices on this year’s ballot include the following:  

  • Justice of the Supreme Court
  • Judge of the Superior Court
  • Judge of the Commonwealth Court
  • County Commissioner
  • Clerk of Courts
  • Controller
  • Coroner
  • District Attorney
  • Prothonotary
  • Register and Recorder
  • Sheriff
  • Magisterial District Judge #39-2-01, #39-3-02, #39-3-05, & #39-3-06
  • School directors
  • Auditors
  • Township supervisors
  • Councilpersons


There are also a few municipalities that have the office of mayor and/or tax collector on their ballots due to vacancies.


On the back of the Municipal Election ballot is the Official Retention Election ballot, which includes two Judge of the Superior Court retention questions as well as one Judge of the Court of Common Pleas retention question.  


Unlike Municipal Primary elections where only registered Democratic and Republican voters are permitted to vote, ALL registered voters will be able to participate in the upcoming election on Nov. 7.  


Turnout for recent Municipal Elections has ranged from 22% in 2017, 28% in 2019 to 31% in 2021. While many voters choose only to vote during a presidential or gubernatorial election cycle, it is the county, municipal, and school board elected officials who impact the lives of the residents each and every day on topics such as taxes, zoning, water/sewer, roads and bridges, and policies affecting children in local schools.


To prepare for voting at the upcoming Municipal Election, here are some suggestions on how to become educated on who is running for office in your community:


1. Specimen/sample ballots can be viewed on the Franklin County website here.


2. Information on candidates can also be viewed on the Franklin Votes website here.


3. Many of the candidates have websites and/or Facebook pages where you can learn more about them.


4. Local newspapers are planning on covering contested races in the next several weeks.


5. You may also contact local party offices for additional information on candidates.  


Any questions concerning the upcoming election should be directed to the Franklin County Voter Registration Office at 717-261-3886 or the Franklin County Election Board at 717-261-3810. Additional election and voter registration information is also available on the Franklin County website, www.franklincountypa.gov.

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